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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Haul : Polish Bouquet

Today's nail show is...

Just another haul.
I was Adventuring again and got a couple of things. I was at a mall in Santa Isabel. There I went to KMart, and Me salve. Got around 3 things only.

This statue has been in the same place since I was little. They are the 3 Wise Men.

The 3 things that I got were my first Jordana nail polish at KMart and 2 pill cases for 50 cents each at Me Salve.

My mother had to run some errands in town and we stopped at a pharmacy. While she was doing that I went to the cosmetics isle and looked at some new things they had. Among them were this set of two nail polishes in the shape of roses. And it didn't help that they were 99 cents. So I begged my mother and I got them. I only needed like 10 cents to get them.

All I got.


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