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Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Nail Polish Displays -Adventuring-

Today's show is...

October Adventuring
Most of these photos were taken during this month. I haven't done a post like this were I show the nail polish displays that are currently up and I wanted to start doing them.

At walgreen I saw the Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors and the Wet n Wild nail polish displays. Then I went ahead an took some photos.

I also saw some Jack Skellington figures. The globe had music from the movie.

Then at a town phatmacy there were a couple of glow in the dark polishes and a Nicole by OPI display.

These remind me of something you'd see in tumblr. I found them really cute.

Cute nail polished that I saw at Sally's

Some extra photos of the mall I was at.

In the clouds I was seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas characters.
In this one there in Zero.

Here is the Bogey man.

 I this one I see a skeleton man at the bottom.

Things that I've bought recently.

This are how my nails look now. All even too. So proud.

Cleaned up my moms nails. They look good now.

I tried to recreate the cutepolish Halloween tutorial but failed.


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