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Monday, June 25, 2012

Haul : Pumpkin Assanssin

Today's nail show is...

As you can see this is another haul post.

Went to town today and rented some movies bought one polish.

First pic of the day was a picture of an airplanes trail.

I also took pics of our family pets couple.
The yellow one is Juan and the gray on is Juana. I made it kinda of a joke with the names. Cause the children are all related with the name Juan. Like for example Juanito, Juanita, Juancho, Juancito like that.

Music I've been listening to.

I also saw my target at the dvd place. I've been wanting to have this baby in my collection since I saw it a long time ago. Whenever I have money I spend it on something else or the owner isn't there.

I bought this polish at the one of the town's pharmacies.I also decided to swatch it in the car.

One Coat

Two Coat

Three Coat

What It Is :

- Profusion - Pumpkin Spice - A04 - $1.99 - Pharmacy


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