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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chocolate Truffles X f(x) Victoria's Red French Nails -Nail Art Tutorial-

Today's nail show is...

f(x) Victoria's Red French Nails.

These are the nails that Victoria from f(x) had in their new music video Electric Shock.
Saw them and it reminded me of how many times I did them before but didn't have them for this blog. So here it is. Finally.

PS: This is also a french nails tutorial. You can follow these steps to do traditional white french nails or with other colors. In black they look very cool.

f(x) - Electric Shock Music Video


My screenshoots

In this video her red french nails are a little on the straight side. I did mine following my nail line at the tips.

Here is the tutorial for them.

First base coat. One red can stain your nails so you better protect them.
Then swipe the red across the nail. One side first.

Then the other side. Fix it if needed.

Do the same thing with the others.
Remember to clean the edges if needed.

Top coat and DONE.

If this is still difficult. Remember there are some nail stickers that could help. Or just use tape.


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