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Saturday, July 7, 2012

2NE1 I Love You Music Video Nails

Today's nail show is...

2NE1's I Love You Music Video Nails

As soon as I wake up I always check my computer and when I saw that 2NE1 finally posted their new music video for the song "I Love You" I was so excited. Sadly my mom and I had to go out. But as soon as I got home I saw it and posted this just to spread the word. Hope you enjoy.

 2NE1 - I Love You Music Video

 Here are their nails.


 Here CL had two different nail designs. The first one is...

Gold glitter nails.

The other nails were not so simple. They were very amazingly pretty. They even had a butterfly.


Bom had her nails that have been on for a while. They are colorful and neon with some gems on them. Here they are.


 In this video Minzy's nails have a Japanese feel to them. They look like the nails in the Japanese magazine. (Like Nail Up or Nail Venus.)
 Like nails you would wear for a festival.

 I find them very pretty thou.


I couldn't really see Dara's nails. Which was made me sad but if I see them elsewhere I'll post a picture.


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