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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gain's Lollipop Pills Nails -Nail Art Tutorial-

Today's nail show is...

Lollipop Pill Nails
I was watching Gains music video for  Irreversible again and I noticed her nails in the flashback. I loved them. After that I watched the video a million times to see her nails more clearly. Of course Gain being my most favorite Korean Idol and me being a nail art freak ( loving to do pill nails works too ) I had to do her nails.

Here is the music video for Gain's Irreversible. Love the music love the dance. Besides her of course. *wink*

i also took some screencaps for verification purposes. And also because I'm a little perfectionist when it comes to art in general.

Here is my version of Gain's nails.

I didn't have a red lollipop with me so I used the ones I had. It's a choco-chip lollipop. They taste really good.♥

Finished Styling:

For a basic Pill Nail tutorial check out my first tutorial for them here. >>Sweet Pills<<

The whole design wasn't the same on both hands. As you can see in the screencaps she had orange and baby pink on her right hand.

 What I Used :

 -Sinful Colors - Paradise
- Sinful Colors - Timbleberry
- Sinful Colors - Island Coral
- Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear - Sun Kissed


Today I made a little stop at Walgreen and took some photos of the new displays they had.

They had this Revlon Scented treats Collection. My favorite of the collection is Apricot Tart.


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