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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bubble Nails -Nail Art Tutorial-

Today's show is...

Goodbye to Spring and Summer Bubble Nails
In this part I am going to show you a simple tutorial of the following nails.

Today I'm going to show you the first part of my mini spam that will be up for these couple of days. As you know in the post before this one I talked about what I got from KKcenterHk in the mail weeks ago. I didn't review it right away because of various things that we're going on but now I will start. For today I will show you this mini tutorial. It's super simple,cute and fun. Hope you like it!

First you take your favorite colors that match well with each other and create a quarter circle on the tips of your nail. It's sorta like a French but instead of a line on the tips of your fingers it's a circle. I decided to alternate directions so it does not look awkward. After that you take a pretty clear glitter polish and do one or two coats on top of the circles you just created. Remember to let dry in between coats and after the glitter nail polish you apply a top coat and your done.

Finished Styling:

These last photos were taken in the shade.

It's very simple. In my opinion these nails are perfect for spring/summer but now it's too late. Around the time I did these it was late summer time but I'm posting this now that it's early fall.

The nail polishes I used were:

Sinful Colors - Island Coral
Sinful Colors - Cloud 9
Sinful Colors - Hazard
Bettina - Candy - Sherbet
EBALAY Warm Orange Shiny Glitter Nail Polish

My addiction for icees still continues.

I found these really cool grandma earrings at a pharmacy for 50 cents each and i got these two. I really don't know why I got them because I know I'm not going to wear them.


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