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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chocolate Truffles X Malva Nails Messy Painter Nails

Today's nail show is...

Have a Cola with me?
These nails have been given so much love when I posted it on my tumblr. It has like 568 notes. I liked them so I did them on my nails.

Here is the original. It's from Malva.

 Here is my version.

What I Used:

- Sinful Colors - Mint Apple
- Sinful Colors - Island Coral
- Wet n Wild - The Gold & The Beautiful
- Bettina -

I really hate the people who do bad things to the people I care about. So don't even try. You don't know me so you don't know what I'm capable of.
Don't get offended dear followers and readers. It's to an specific person.


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