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Monday, June 11, 2012

Etude House Missing U, Bee Happy! - Honey Bee Hand Cream -Hand Cream Review-

Today's nail show is....

Will you bee happy?
This morning mom and me went to the post office and mom had a package in her hands and it looked weird so I said that it must be mine. Then I read the package and I kinda had a thought of what it could be.

So I took lots of pictures of this just so you can see better.

This is the box. It came from South Korea. My first package from there. :)

Mom and me found these thing-is so cute. Never seen them in the shape of flowers.

Here it is. It's an Etude House Missing U, Bee Happy! Hand Cream.
I got #2 Honey Bee Story (Acacia Fragrance)

What It Claims:

"Fragrant hand cream formulated with natural, organic ingredients supplies moisture and nourishment to hands."

There are also other types.
 - Queen Bee - Rose 
- Honey Bee - Acacia 
- Lady Bug - Chestnut Blossom 
- Baby Bee - Citrus Baby Powder 

This hand cream was also sponsored by SHINee.

Yay! SHINee!!!!!

Here are pictures of the whole packaging.

Click on this pic to see what it says on this side. Cute story. Good cause! 
It's about time someone talked about the endangered animals I thought people had forgotten.

She is a complete bee. Antenna and honey. She has really cute tiny bee wings also.

Let's start!

This hand cream is rater on the hard side. I had to use my nail to scrape some cream to use it.

On the right side cream on the left no cream.

Good Things :

- It's a really smooth cream on the skin. My skin was really soft.
- Love the scent. It has a Acacia Fragrance. It's really flowery sweet.
- Love that the whole packaging is made of recycled paper and printed with soy ink .
- Super cute bee. That is just something I can't ignore.
- Perfect for me cause I'm going to college soon. I was looking for a good smelling hand cream.

Will keep using it and update to tell you the results after a couple of days.

Finished :

More pics.

Thank you Kpop Town for this awesome package. I really do love this cute little bee. You can purchase this, other great makeup products and lots of kpop related things at Kpop


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