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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sinful Colors - Love Nails & Sally Hansen - Marine Scene -Nail Polish Review- -Swatches-

Today's nail show is...

Another competition.
Marine Scene vs. Love Nails

Decided to do another competition. Because I noticed that I have two blues that look similar. So. Why not?

Let's Start!

One Coat of each

Two Coat
On the index and ring fingernails is Love Nails.
On the thumb, middle and pinky is Marine Scene.

Finished :

In this picture you can see that they are really different.

 What They Are :

- Sinful Colors - Love Nails - 282 - $1.99 - Walgreens

I've had love nails for a long time. I think it's been like 3 years since I've had it. I liked it at first but then I stopped liking it. I think it's because I don't know how to work with it but It's still a nice color. Love Nails is more brighter and lighter than Marine Scene.

- Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear - Marine Scene - 19 - GIFT - a good friend

Marine Scene was given to me by a good friend of mine not so long ago. When I saw it it reminded me of Love Nails. They are very similar but at the same time it's darker than Love Nails.

In my opinion :

- Like I said in their description. Marine Scene is a little darker than Love Nails. When you have them on your nails you do notice the difference but it's not that obvious on the bottle. 

- I do like them both but I still don't know how to work with this type of nail polish. So I won't be working with them for now.

- They are great for sponging.


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