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Where you will see nail polish reviews, my nails of the week, and some tutorials and tips. You will also see adventures in the stores in which I get my materials. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, February 28, 2014

A Little Fun Here and There -Adventuring-

Today's show is...

A little adventuring here and there.
I've been looking around different places to see if they have something different and taking photos around. In Walgreen, pharmacy in town and such.

Sinful Colors Walgreen displays.

Sinful Colors Tough Love display

Sinful Colors Sham-Rocking display.

These are ones that I liked from the displays above.
Blue Steel, Get It On, Taupe It Off. I ended up getting Blue Steel.

Revlon New Parfumerie Nail Polish  Displays.
I love how the little bottles look.
  If I get one of them which one should I get. Give me your opinions?

Bettina nail polishes haven't changed either.

The Nicole by OPI nail polishes at the pharmacy haven't changed.
Again if I get one of these which one should I get?

I bought chocolate silicon molds and have been having fun with them.


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