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Friday, August 5, 2011

Sinful Color - Tokyo Pearl & Sally Hansen - Champange Toast -Nail Polish Review- -Swatches-

Today's show is...

Sweet Pearl

 It's bee so long since I did my nails. I couldn't wait to paint them until I gave in.

 I got new nail polishes ant today I will review them. I actually bought these 2 at the same time. The Sally Hansen nail polish was on sale for $2. So it caught my attention and I really wanted another white-ish nail polish so I got Tokyo Pearl.

For the Tokyo Pearl swatches I had a helper.

Isn't he cute ?

Sinful Colors - Tokyo Pearl - $1.99 - Walgreens
Tokyo Pearl is a sheer pearl-y white nail polish.

I personally wouldn't use this polish alone.
I would maybe use it as a base for a glitter polish.

Sally Hansen - Diamond Strength - Champange Toast - 33 - $2.00 - *sale*
Even if their very similar the difference is that Champange Toast is a pink-y shimmer polish.


Now or the swatches.

Naked nails with only base coat

Tokyo Pearl Swatches

One coat.

Two coats.

Two with top coat

Champange Toast

Three coat.
It was really cloudy and dark so like half of the pics were taken inside plus I was super shaky so they probably don't look so good.


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