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Friday, February 14, 2014

CTN X StyleNanda Cactus Nails

Today's show is...

Chocolate Truffles Nail X StyleNanda Cactus Nails
In was looking at my tumblr dashboard when I saw this photo of a super adorable cropped sweatshirt. I liked the design it had and wanted to try to copy it on my nails. So I searched for the Style Nanda website and saw more photos of it.

StyleNanda Burning Cropped Sweatshirt

What  did was paint my nails with a baby pink color ( Wet 'n' Wild - Tickled Pink ) as a base. Then using China Glaze - Holly-day I drew the cactus using a nail art brush.  For the highlights I used HK Color - Verde Pistacho. And for the outlines I used black acrylic paint. Top coat and Done.

Original :

Finished Styling :


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