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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chocolate Truffles X Kimi to Boku Shun-chan Nails

Today's show is...

Alice in Wonderland-y Shun-chan

Lately I've started to watch anime again and I've been seeing two now. One of them is Milky Holmes and the other is Kimi to Boku. I'm currently in season 2 of the both of them. I really enjoy watching them. To show how much I like one of them decided to do nails inspired by them. It's Kimi to Boku.

Got the flower inspiration from here. The one with the flowers around is Shun-chan. The one I did my nails about.

Finished Styling:

In this one you can see my thumb but it's blurry, has bad lighting and ugly cuticles. Caused by cleaning them. My cleaning brush wasn't completely clean so the paint got in my cuticles.


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