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Where you will see nail polish reviews, my nails of the week, and some tutorials and tips. You will also see adventures in the stores in which I get my materials. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lotta Hauling -Haul-

Today's show is...

More nail polish babies

I got some money recently and bought lots more nail polishes to add to my collection. here they are. I'll name them first.

New York Color - Starry Silver Glitter
Wet 'n' Wild - Jezebel
Wet 'n' Wild - Casting Call
Hard Candy - Mr. Right
HK Color - Camille Purple
HK Color -Neon Blue
New York Color - Time Square Tangerine Creme
Wet 'n' Wild - In Too Deep
Sinful Colors - Leather Loose
J - Neon Purple
Santee - Princess


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