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Welcome to my nail blog.
Where you will see nail polish reviews, my nails of the week, and some tutorials and tips. You will also see adventures in the stores in which I get my materials. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Space Nails Ver. 2 -Nails of the Week-

Today's show is...

 Out Of This World
Ahh! I'm so tired. I couldn't sleep very well last night but I guess that's what happens when you have a baby???!

Yes I said baby.
Isn't she pretty. Her name is Yuna (as in Final Fantasy's Yuna).

It's a project. But the thing is that the teacher said that it's supposed to be like a real baby, but she cries more that a real baby. I give her milk and it lasts maximum 30 minutes.

Anyways main point is don't have kids if your not ready. Even if you think your ready you're really not.

Now on to my nails

These aren't much different from the other ones. But if you look closely you see some things that are different.

Sorry the last 2 pics don't look so good. It's that I didn't have much time cause of my school work.



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