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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CTN X Cloud and Gradient Nails -Nails of the Week-

Today's show is...

Clouds on a gradient background.
Today I'll show you the last nail design that I did on all my nails. This was two to three days ago. I removed them fast because the dsign cracked fast. I need a new top coat my NYC one isn't so good. A lot of people use the $1.99 NYC top coat maybe I should try that one. What do you think?

For this design I got a ton of inspiration from omoimono and This Is Venice. I liked both designs so i decided to join them in to one design. On all my nails I did blue gradiend and on my ring finger i did pink gradient.

I did two coats of  Bettina - ? and sponged Sinful Colors - ? . On the ring fingernail I did two coats of Bettina - Cotton Candy, as for the gradient I used Wet 'n' Wild - Tropicalia. Then I used a nail art brush, white acrylic paint and water to do the clouds.Top coat and that it.

Finished Styling :

In the shade

With the light on.

Both hands.



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