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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Basic Red Crackle Nails -Nail Art Tutorial/Nail Polish Review-

Today's nail show is...

Crackle tutorial
I know I'm a little late but I wanted to do this crackle tutorial. Plus I got a ton of crackle polishes and I wanted to try them out.

Now on to the tutorial.

Apply one coat of a crackle on top of a smooth finish nail polish. In my case I used Feeling Great that is a creme type finish nail polish.

The type of crackle effect depends on the amount of polish you apply to your nails. For example: if you want a super cracked effect (small crackles) apply a very thin coat of polish. If you want bigger crackles then apply a thicker coat of nail polish.

Be careful not to leave the bottle open otherwise the polish will dry and it will be of no use later.

If you want to fix the parts of then all you left empty you can, but just be careful not to apply it over the already crackled coat. If you do that it won't crackle.

Then after it cracked apply a top coat.

What I Used:

- 2012 - Lucifer
- Sinful Colors - Feeling Great

 Finished Styling:


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  1. Your nails are so long and shaped perfectly :D I like that the crackle is faint and not so noticeably contrasting. Usually people use colors that are different from each other. Awesome tutorial :)


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