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Friday, May 25, 2012

Wet n Wild - Party of Five Glitters & Color Club - Wish Upon A Rock-Star -Nail Polish Comparison- -Swatches-

Today's nail show is...

Party of Five Glitters & Wish Upon A Rock-Star Comparison

I decided to compare these two super colorful glitters. This will be my first comparison. So what I did is turn it into a review. If you like the comparison this way then please tell me.

Base Coat

One Coat

Two Coat

Here it's 3 coat of Wish Upon A Rock-Star on the middle and ring and 4 on Party of Five Glitters on the index and the ring.
I have more problem with Part of Five Glitters because it has more clear (it's more water-y). What I mean is that since it has more clear I have to apply lots of coat to get it to be packed with the glitters. 

Finished Styling:

What I Used:

- Wet n Wild - Party of Five Glitters - sale - Walgreens
- Color Club - Wish Upon A Rock-Star -  - Belleza y Algo Mas

Party of Five Glitters is a glitter polish that has silver, pink, green, blue and red hex glitters in a variety of sizes. All in a clear base.
Wish Upon A Rock-Star is a glitter polish that has green, blue, red, silver, gold and big purple hex glitters. Also in different sizes. In a clear base.

Here you can see that WUARS's brush is small, but it applies ore glitters.

Here PFG's brush is big but it doesn't help the glitters to stick to the nail. When I applied a coat it just scraped the glitters of.
Still I can honestly say that the are both good nail polishes in many ways. PFG is good as a top coat and WUARS is good as it is in this review.

This is just a pic so you can see the glittery good-ness.


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  1. I recently purchase the Wet n' Wild one, haven't tried it on yet but it looks really pretty!


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