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Friday, May 4, 2012

Haul : Crowded


Today's show is...

Walmart haul
Today my mom took me to Walmart and I got some things. I also took many pictures of they're nail polish displays. I wish I could have taken more but There were too many people there. Usually there aren't that many people. Cause the times I've gone there before weren't that many people.



Essie, NYX, Revlon and Sally Hansen

Wanted to take the NYX the one that is jade colored (I don't know the name) but couldn't cause I had a budget.

New York Color

Wet 'n' Wild

1st Step
First time I've ever seen this. But I was curious so I wanted it.

What I Got :

Bettina - Magnolia - $2.26
Frog nail art stickers - $0.50
Heart Nail art stickers - $0.25  *sale*
Cristmas nail file - $0.50 *sale*
1st Step for stronger nails - $4.62
Drop n Go for fast drying nails - $2.00 *sale*


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