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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Haul : Finally Free


Today's show is...

2012 gift

So today was the last day of school for me. Now I'm officially FREE!!
All I did today is go to school for one exam and that's it. I'll have to admit that exam was pretty hard but our teacher was nice enough to give us a hand and helped us a little. I finished and called my mom to pick me up and when I got in the car she was opening a package. As soon as I saw it was nail polish I wanted to take it away from her but I failed cause my mom is REALLY strong. Stronger than me.
Thank you titi for the nail polish. ♥ you lots.


I went to Walgreens to buy my mom a gift and then I saw that these were on sale and I just had to get them. Every time that I go to Walgreen's I pass by them and I always want them but I was just waiting for them to be on sale. The day finally came.

Kiss - Nail Artist - Metallics - $1.89 - SALE
Kiss - Nail Artist - 3D Charms - $3.29 - SALE


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