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Friday, May 18, 2012

Chocolate Truffles X Baek Ji Young - Good Boy Music Video Nails

Today's nail show is...

Baek Ji Young Good Boy Music Video Nails

This video 
Baek Ji Young - Good Boy (Feat Yong Jun Hyung from BEAST)

I saw this video on my youtube dash and I kinda forgot that she is my favorite korean ballad singer. I can honestly say that in my opinion she's one of the best korean ballad singer. I started listening to it and It was different than her other songs. Still I loved it.
With my amazing power of focusing on nail. I noticed her glittery french nails.

Here they are.

So in the video I could see that her index and middle finger nails were gold glitter and ring and pinky were silver glitters.

Here are mine.

What I did was 

- Base coat
- One coat of silver and gold flecks on the tips.
- One coat over the flecks of gold and silver glitters
-Top Coat.


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