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Friday, May 11, 2012

Circus Tent Nails -Nail Art Tutorial-

Today's show is...

I did these nails as part of the past series nail reviews/tutorials. So to see that visit HERE.

Love the concept of these nails when I saw them in some korean blog but I forgot which one. Once I remember I'll post the link so that you can see the original.

Now on to the tutorial.

Base coat to protect your nails.

First with the darkest one.
With a little amount of polish in the brush but just enough do a line like so.

Then with the other polish. In the same way.

 Orange this time.

 And now the pink one. One the spaces that were left empty.

Add top coat to protect it.

What I Used:

 In order

Sinful Colors - Feeling Great
Sinful Colors - Timbleberry
Sinful Colors - Hazard
Sinful Colors - Island Coral

Finished Styling:


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