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Friday, August 19, 2011

Banana Nails -Nails of the Week-

Today's show is...

From Hey, Nice Nails!

Banana Nails

 I've been seeing a lot of banana nail designs on tumblr and on some other blogs so I wanted to give it a try. I did my nails trying to follow the design that Hey,Nice Nails did.

Here is the nails I did.

On Wednesday I decided that after school I would paint my nails, but a storm came and the electricity posts fell and the cables broke. I was also supposed to study and do my homework to.

Even if there was no light I wanted to do my nails. All I could do was paint the base of the design. To coats of red nail polish. So on the next day I was going to finish them but yet again the light went off. Because I didn't want to be alone at home I went with my mom to the casino. I was determined to finish them. I finally got to finish the nails.
I was kinda feeling important cause all the aunties were looking at me. They were asking a lot.
The next day I went to school and exhibited my nails.
Saying things like :
Do you like my bananas!
Magic bananas!
My friend would say something like now you can give him food.
(cause we nicknamed the guy I liked Mono which is monkey)

I used :

More Nail Photos

Edited with flash

Edited. No flash

No edit or flash
They look better in reality.

If you like these nails tell me and I'll to a tutorial for them.
I've been wanting to anyways.


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