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Friday, March 14, 2014

Supernatural Dean Winchester Marks/Burns Nails

Today's show is...

Supernatural Dean Winchester Marks/Burns Nails
I went and did another set of Supernatural inspired nail art and this time I focused on Dean Winchester only. Especially his old hand print burn mark aka Castiel's hand print. And the other one is his more recent mark/burn; The Mark of Cain.

For these nails I did two/three good coats of a nude color nail polish. Then with either acrylic paint or a stripper in red do the Mark of Cain on my ring fingernails. Then on my thumbs I did Castiel's Hand. On good coat of matte top coat to make it look like skin.
Also on some edges of the red burns I did mix red and orange so that it looks more realistic and like it's a recent burn.

As you can see here what I did for my right hand was the sticker method. In which you do the design on a plastic sandwich bag and do one or two coats of clear. Wait till it dries and peel off and stick to the nail.

Here are my nails with clear top coat.

Finished Styling :

Both hands.

 In the shade.

With the lamp.


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