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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Best Nail Art of 2013

Today's show is...

Hi, ya'll!

Even though last year I didn't do much designs and I even started in June I have my favorites.

Favorite Nails of the Year 2013

With what was left of Summer I decided to do a quick design but I was always busy and ended up recreating a design from the summer edition of Nail Up

On September came along my birthday and I did these nails. My very first 3 Color Gradient Nails.

Then I made a Youtube account and this was one of my first tutorials. It also has Jake the Dog from Adventure time making this design my top favorite of the year.

Along came October and I did this design on all my nails for Halloween.

The design on this one looks weird but I loved it.

Day of the Virgen de Guadalupe I did this nail.

For the Holidays I took inspiration from a candle and did these nails.

I did these nails out of curiosity and they were better than what I thought.

First time I did a design like this, but I did a tutorial on it and the result was very pretty.

Hope you all had a good start this year. Now let's celebrate the rest of it.


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