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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Rant & Some News


Well I got some news. 

It rained not so long ago and everything is just so green.
I love looking out when I'm in the classroom and seeing everything so green. It makes me happy.
I'm also so close to graduating it's making me feel bad in many ways. One I GOT TO get my grades up.
I also have to buy tons of clothes but before that I super WANT to loose weight. I have to get clothes because unlike most people I don't really go out. One I don't has the money and two I'm not that social.
So because of that I don't really has clothes in my closet. I also need shoes. I only has one pair of sneakers and my school shoes but those don't count. I want to get ... maybe ones like these.

Pretty right. I don't really like showing my feet (not that they are ugly. infact they are extreamly cute.) so they are perfect.

I think I've ranted just enough. Now onto what I really wanted to tell y'all.

I GOT A CAMERA!!!!!!!!!

I'm super happy.
So please be patient. 'Cause I am going to post lots.


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