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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chocolate Truffles X Nail the BYTCH Review and Tutorial

Today's nail show is...

Nail the B.Y.T.C.H.

When I saw a review for Jelly Jeans Queen I fell in love. So I decided to look up their page and then I saw
Lil Perfection Confection and again I loved it. So I just had to have the. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Nail the B.Y.T.C.H. I could have them.

What they say:

The Ladies Behind the Line

Jennifer Smith and Lanaia Edwards founded Tru Duo LLC, makers of Nail the B.Y.T.C.H. in October 2010. They are cousins from Chicago who always dreamed of owning their own business and finally saw it into reality. Collectively, with over 10 years experience in the Beauty Industry, their passion ignited them to launch this daring line of nail lacquers. Nail the B.Y.T.C.H is about being Bold…Expressive…Being Your True Creative Heroine! This brand will feature exuberant, bold colors and names that appeal to the edgy, everyday consumer who wants to be their own fashionista. These two women weren’t afraid to be brave, forward and a tad controversial. If you were to consider either of them a Bytch, well it will be on their terms. That’s the Motto.

Here are more pictures of the polishes

Here is the first one I swatched.

^this one is from their webpage^

This silver shimmer is more than just glimmer! She might say she's got it all together baby with a twinkle in her smile.

Lil Perfection Confection is a light grey with gold flecks. I think that over black it would look better but thought didn't come to mind. It also looks like it would be great for sponging.

Swatch Time!

 Base coat

One coat

 Two coat

 Three coat


 With this polish I did some sponging. I sponged dark grey first then black on the index and ring finger.
Then in the middle of the black I sponged Lil Perfection Confection and top coat.

 The second polish is...

^again this picture is from their webpage^

This queen can do it all in those jeans...she's that sexy vintage blue jean that goes with everything and takes you everywhere!
Jelly Jeans Queen is a medium blue jelly with blue shimmers. I certain lights the shimmers look really pretty but today I couldn't get that angle.

Now let's get them dressed!

 One coat.

Two coat


For Jelly Jeans Queen I also did some sponging. I went for the "Jeans" look here.
I have more ideas for this polish so I think that I will do a separate post on other styling.

 What I did here was just sponge some white creme over the to coats and over that I sponged Jelly Jeans Queen in some places. By doing that I created a "bleached jeans" look. When I did this it made me wish that I had some mini studs so that I could add them to the middle, but since I don't has them I just did some "stitching". If you have those round mini studs then you can just do that instead.

 As you can see this is what I did instead. I added white lines to the side. Like stitches.


My ring collection is growing soooooo much. I still wish for my fingers to slim down so I can buy lots more. 'Cause I can only get the adjustable rings and not all of them are cute at least in the stores that I visit.

I got this nail polish remover yesterday at Sally; along with a super cute polish for 99 cents.<l It was on sale.
This bad boy has helped me a lot today. For some reason when I leave the cap open it starts to smell "fruity". I like it!
 From now on this will be the one I get. 'Cause I used to have the Pure Acetone one but that one really dryed my nails and fingers. So when I was at Sally's I got to thinking and remembered that. Plus my mom offered to buy me a  new bottle 'cause the old one was empty. 

*Jelly Jeans Queen & Lil Perfection Confection were sent for reviewing.*


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