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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gardens of Wonder


Today's show is...

I took this pic with out editing. My camera is just that good. :P

A peek at all the polishes at Walgreen's and Belleza y Algo Mas.
I went to Walgreen's yet once again but this time I didn't buy anything just accompanied my mom and also took some pics at they're polish displays. Also the ones that I liked.

These are the new Bettina nail polishes from the new collection called Flori.

I want them all but these are the ones I really love.




Also the Essie and Sally Hansen displays.

Then I went to this store in town called Belleza y Algo Mas. Actually there are 2 stores. One near the town university and one in the middle of town and I've gone to the 2 of then but the one near the university is way better than the other one. It's way more spacious and has more polishes. Took lots of pics also.

I saw this and I totally want these. I've been searching for these shell pieces ( the ones at the right corner) everywhere. I saw them at Sally's but they are tooooooooo expensive for me.

Also saw something kinda funny. The Flori polishes at Walgreen's are the ones that should be in this display not the ones that are actually here. I saw them at the official page.



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