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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inside That Lady's Atelier

Hi everyone!!
Today's show colors are.

Bettina - New Classics

 So if you didn't see my post before this one [HERE] then you didn't hear the news. 
Still haven't notices. Ok! Then I'll have to tell you. 
YES! I got a camera. Woohoo!!

 Anyways. Let's Go!!!

When I heard about these I was kinda exited but not that much cause I thought that they were to "plain".
Once I got my hands on them I fell in love with them. They are perfect for my skin tone. 
What I mean is that they don't look too "out there".
To me they look so fashion.

They're names are:
Bettina - New Classic - Atelier, Coutour &  Stiletto
I got these at a beauty supply in town called Belleza y Algo Mas. My mom bought these for me. 
I think they were each $2.19. I'm not too sure about it. Maybe it's more.

Atelier is a dusty lavender.
Coutour is a brown-ish taupe.
Stiletto is a grey-ish taupe.

 Let's start swatching some fashion colors!

 My naked clean nails. Omo! I feel exposed. hihi

 Base coat

One coat
Do you like my ring I think it's very Tsubasa Masuwaka style.

Two coat & Done!

 It's blurry but it's still pretty. Maybe I'll update this pic later.


Gifs from kpop expressions


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