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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Haul : Some Like It Hot

The day before yesterday's nail haul is...

Some Like It Haute

So my mom went to the mall to get my grams and she gave me 2 dollars so I went to the stores and got in Sally's. Then I was in there clearance section and saw this pretty glitter polish that wasn't there before. I thought really hard cause there was a pretty gold glitter polish right besides it but in the end this one won the battle. (I didn't think of getting a pic. now I regret)


What I got.

I swatched a little on my thumb nail. Isn't it pretty.
Am I the only one that does that cause when I go out and my nails aren't painted they usually end up with different colors on them.


I went into Payless to see the shoes and then I saw that they had new polishes so I mustered my strength and took lots of pics.

 The ones that I liked.

 It was raining day.

Some how the pics that I take when it's raining come out kinda blurry??
But I like it.


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