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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strawberry Bunnies


Today's Nail show is...

Strawberries & Bunnies.

So I was searching through this Japanese nail blog called Niche.
 (it's actually one of the blogs in my nail blog inspiration list)

I saw all their character nail designs and when I saw this super cute strawberry and bunny nail I saved it on a folder for nail designs only that I have on my pc. Later during the day I went through them again and saw this particular one and I was so pro I said to my mom (that at that time was in the computer playing games) I'm going to do this. She gave me this look as if she was saying "Your crazy". But when I finished she liked them.
Not that she's ever doubted my talents but this time she was amazed cause the design is difficult.

Anyways have a look for yourself.

Sorry for my ugly cuticles. I really don't know whats wrong with them. I use hand cream and cuticle oil so I really don't know.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[Part 2]<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Picture of the Day

Spring morning sky.
I took this on my way to school this morning. If you see the smiley face. Then ok!

I would really love it if The Cutest Makeup would add me to their blog list.
It's a wonderful place filled with makeup and it just makes me happy to see them all.
(This came from the bottom of my brain.It's happy now)


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