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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Miss Punk Princess


Today's nail show is...

 Princess Punk Cross Nails

So yesterday I went to my friends house. Ivy I mean (or Miss I) and I went there to hang with her but all I did was do her nails. So here is my end result.

I actually did this before but with a pink-y marbling but it's the same cross color and it was on all nails. Plus my nails were pointy so it was totally perfect.

I used several polishes actually. It was...

-one coat of a pink jelly (I used my pink jelly franken)
-Sponged Savvy - Ice Pink
-Sally Hansen - Diamond Strength -  Champagne Toast
-one coat of Savvy - Pink Flash
-Wet 'n' Wild - Fast Dry - Buffy the Violet Slayer


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