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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chocolate Truffles X 2NE1 - Dara from the "It Hurts" Music Video Nails -Nail Art Tutorial-

Today's nail show is...

2NE1 - Dara : "It Hurts" Music Video Nails
If you don't know what is 2NE1. Then listen closely. 2NE1 is a 4 member korean girl group. They are AMAZING. If you've never heard them sing, you're missing out. So why don't you go to youtube and type "2NE1" and just enjoy.

So when I saw the video for 2NE1 - It Hurts the only thing I was paying attention to was the fashion and they're make-up. The second time I was listening to it. hihi  So when I was looking at it I saw Dara's nails and I liked them. They were kinda gothic lolita-ish. 

Here's the MV if you haven't seen it or if you just want to see it again.

2NE1 - It Hurts

Let's start with the tutorial.

 Base coat to protect your nails.

 1 coat of a light grey creme nail polish.

 Two coat

 Use a "^" french sticker at your tips and apply black polish to the tips of your nails.
Here I used tape because I don't have those stickers.

 Then apply a good top coat and...

What I used for these nails is...

Bettina - Jeans - Sand Blast
Sinful Colors - Black on Black

Finished Styling:

 Black & white looks cool. Doesn't it.


I did this drawing of Park Bom (another member of 2NE1) to decorate my nail book.
Pretty good aren't I.


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