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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ice Cream Inspired Gradient Pastel Dot Nails -Nail Art Tutorial-

 Today's nail art show is...

Rainbow gradient dot Nails
Mini tutorial

I was seeing and hearing lots of tings related to Easter. So I was searching on google "easter nails" and one thing that was in every picture was pastels. So I did these nails and when I finished I realized that these nail look like ice cream nails. Sweet-Lolita kinda nails. Isn't that cute.
So what I did was just do some random dots at the tips of the nails and slowly go down to the cuticle but not all the way.

Anyways Happy Easter and

Let's do this!

Sponge some white creme at the tips and go down.

Drop blobs of the pastel colors on a plastic sandwich bag. This is just so it will be more easy to dot??

Just start dotting with whatever color you want. Here I started with my pink jelly franken and Be Happy.

Keep adding colors. I doesn't really matter if the same color overlap

Ass you can see I added more bigger dots. Again. It's ok if it's messy. What I mean is that They can be big or small. Order doesn't matter either. I mean I started with the pink jelly then the blue then green. Then it changed so again it really doesn't matter.

And that should be the end result of your dotting. As you can see I tried my best to cover the tip of the nails entirely.

I just decided to apply 2 coats of Rock Candy since the glitters are on the "pastel" side.

What I used was...

- Sally Hansen - Rock Candy
- Sinful Colors - Unicorn
- Sinful Colors - Be Happy
- Sally Hansen - Lacey Lylac
- Bettina - Cotton Candy
- Sally Hansen - Mint Sorbet
- Pink jelly franken
- Wet 'n' Wild - French White Creme

Finished Styling:



  1. really pretty! Love the pastel colors ^^

  2. really nice idea! i'm gonna do it tomorrow :D


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