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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Haul : Gold Nail Stickers

Today's show is...

Rose and Ribbon Gold Stickers
I was in town a couple of days back for an errand and decided to go into this beauty supply store and found a couple of new things I've never seen there before and was interested in the stickers for nails that they had. For one sheet of stickers $1.25. I thought it was a good price so I went through the ones they had and found the page that had gold stickers. I really liked them all but I didn't have much cash on me so I choose the roses and frames one and also the ribbons one. Best decision I made. I love them both.

The stickers look amazing. The only problem I have is that they are thick only a little. So if I use them I would have to apply tons of top coat. I'm exaggerating it will need like two coats and I'm usually good with one good coat.


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