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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Presents Late -Adventuring- -Haul-

Today's show is...

Christmas Presents Late
Got some money today and went to spend it.

I first got 2 nail polishes and a mood ring with moons on it at Exentrix

Then I went to Sally's and got a big bottle of acetone. this will last me a year or so.

After that went to Pintusa and almost got 3 nail polishes.  Almost.
I would have gotten a really pretty green polish from L.A. Colors, one from Bambina and one from Revlon.

I also got hair clips and cotton pads.

And then at Walgreens I got 4 nail polishes.
3 Wild Shine for 69 cents each and a fast dry for $1.19 I think.

 All 6 nail polishes I got today. 

Happy New Years!!


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