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Monday, July 16, 2012

Chocolate Truffles X Etude House - Juicy Cocktail - Screw Driver -Nail Polish Review- -Swatches-

Today's nail show is...

Etude House - Juicy Cocktail - Gradation Nails - Screw Driver Review

Got this a while ago but didn't have time to edit. So I'm doing this today. Thanks again to KpopTown.

I got 2 things from Etude House. One hand ream and nail polish set.

But first I will do the nail polish set, now.

Etude House - Juicy Cocktail - Gradation Nails - #1 - Screw Driver - $12.90

Screw Driver is a set of 3 nail polishes called : #1 Soft Orange, #2 Sweet Orange and #3 Fresh Orange.
Soft Orange is a light but bright creme/jelly. Sweet Orange is a bright, light orange jelly with orange-y gold hex glitters. Fresh Orange is a bright orange that is a little darker. A little red-ish orange with tiny orange-y gold.

Here are more pictures of the packaging.

Here is the instructions on how to get the gradient look. Which is how I did it.

Sorry these picture on the bottom don't look to good. I couldn't get the perfect light.

Two coats of Soft Orange and one coat at the middle of Sweet Orange.

Fresh Orange on the tips of your nails and a top coat.

That's it!
All I have to say is that I enjoy them lots. Now I didn't really like how this looks. So I will do it again.
But not now.

Thank You KpopTown very much!!
Visit them if you're looking for awesome kpop stuff. They got lots of those.


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