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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sinful Colors - Paradise -Nail Polish Review- -Swatches-

Today's show is...

 Sinful Colors - Paradise Review

This week was the beginning of school. Lots of things have happened. Reunited with my friends, new teachers, some new classmates, and yesterday I even saw the guy I liked. It's sorta been fun but the school to me seems boring. One thing that I absolutely hate is the homework and projects. Already so much work.

This week I painted my nails twice. You already saw the first one the Mardi Gras looking nails and the second is this one.

Sinful Colors - Paradise - 973 - $1.99 - *but it was on sale; like 3 for $4*
Paradise is a cream medium blue.

This is the other nail polish. I have already reviewed this a while back HERE.

Finished Styling:

I painted them during our school lunch break. Al a result the nails coats were really clumpy.

I think 2-3 coats. I painted the left hand the oposite colors.


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