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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Purple and Mint Gradient Dots Nails -Nail Art Tutorial- -Nails of the Week-

Today's show is...

It Looks Like It'll Rain

If you're wondering why are the photos look different it's because of Irene the hurracane. It's been raining non stop. I haven't been going to school since last friday. Even today, my mother didn't take me cause it was raining and we saw that the school buses were taking the students back. There were rivers instead of streets.

Even with all that I still wanted to post so here we go.


I wanted to do something different. Something that I've never tried before. So I did this based on the dots technic that I did yesterday.

First I wanted to do rainbow but then it started raining so I gave up on that idea. Then I just decided on 2 colors.
Purple and Blue.

Finished Results:

Here are some photos of the process

I started with only a couple of purple dots.

Then purple glitter dots.

I kept adding layers. Going back and foward with the colors. Till I got this.


Domo invasion.

The supermarket near my school has the Domo maching. That has different Domo.

Mustache Domo with nails.


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