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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gradient and Bold Birthday Nails

Today's show is...

My 19th Birthday Nails
So for the day of my birthday I decided to do my nails and makeup and also get dressed up even though  didn't go out anywhere.

My makeup this year was very simple. Just a thin black eyeliner with a small wing and orange tinted lips.

As for my nails I did something I had never done before. Its a triple gradient with a bold black line down the middle of the nail. I really didn't thing they would end up like that. I was thinking of doing something else but this came out and I just left them like that.

These nails are to not me. They are way mature. I know I'm 19 but it's so weird I did these nails. I still love them. 

I used a makeup sponge and 3 nail polishes but first I added one coat of the lightest color I was going to use.

Then with black acrylic paint and a mechanic pencil I did the lines.

What I used:
Bettina - Resort - Flip Flops
Bettina - Jeans - Sand Blast
Bettina - Stiletto

Finished Styling:

I went to Marshall's and saw these candy covered sunflower seeds and thought the colors were really cute. My mother said that they looked a lot like the colors I used on my nails.

Then I saw this really cute honey bear pot. So cute!

 The next day I decided to add a matte top coat on my nails.

Finished Styling:



I used :
Hard Candy - Matte-ly in Love

Saw so many decoden doughnut squishies. I wanted to get some but they were magnetic.


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