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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester Nails -InspiredbyLife-

Today's show is...

Supernatural Themed Dean and Sam Nail Art
This should be an Inspired By Life post because it's my life. Supernatural is a part of my life. If you follow me on tumblr or twitter or instagram you can see that I had a thing were I asked Supernatural fans what does Sam Winchester like. and nobody told me. Which was sad but in the end I decided to draw a book. So Dean likes pie and Sam likes books. I kinda did these nails to the old Sam and Dean that were more happy than they are now. Back when they said Bitch! Jerk!

My process was difficult but I ended up doing them. I say difficult because drawing a pie slice for me was a first and quite hard.

PS I used Colorina - Oxford on my nails and Acrylic paint for the rest. On the speech bubbles I used Bettina - Stilletto.

Here are my nails when I finished the pie slice.

And here was my hello kitty mat after I finished.

Finished Styling :

More detail closeups.

I love how my pie ended up so bright and realistic but on the other side because I didn't let the book dry it created bubbles and looks bad. The speech bubbles above look perfect though. What I did was that for my non dominant hand I did all the design on the nails. Straight. But for my right hand I decided to do the designs on a plastic bag and transfer (it like a sticker) on to my nails.


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