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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chocolate Truffles X Nail the BYTCH - Smoky Glitter Nails -Nail Art Tutorial-

Today's nail show is...

Son of a Gun

I wanted to paint my nails but I didn't come up with any good ideas. Then I decided to take a couple of my polishes to uniwith me. So that when I got out I could paint them. When I got out I opened the box and started to look at what I brought with me. Then I realized I had this amazing polish I got a long time ago and decided to use that (Lil Perfection Confection). But I didn't have much time so I painted them at home.

I used Lil Perfection Confection and applied 2 coats on all nails. Then I used black acrylic paint to sponge on the tips to create a "smoky" effect.I thought it looked to plain so I added Some Like It Hot over the black. To me they looked amazing but I wanted to add something more. I added gold studs near the cuticle area . Which was perfect since Lil Perfection Confection already had gold speaks.

When I finished painting my nails I realized that this design is like an updated version of the nails I did a long time ago. (HERE) But to me this version is way better. At least in my opinion.

Here is the video for these nails.

Finished Results:

I really like how the glitters pop in the sun light and I also realized these nails can pull of a night starry sky kinda look.


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