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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bonita - Cotton Candy and Bada Bling & Power Puff Girls -Nail Polish Review- -Swatches-

Today's show is...

 Cotton Candy Clouds
 Three random reviews

This is already my second review in this blog. This time I did three again. I got the two Bonita nail polishes as a gift from my mother and the Power Puff girls one is from an aunt. She gave me the set of 3 but I lost the others when I was a little girl.

Bonita - Cotton Candy - BNP85 - $1.99 - Me Salve
It's a light pink jelly finish with holo glitters.

Bonita - Bada Bling - BNP89 - $1.99 - Me Salve
It's a clear with blue glitters.

Power Puff girls - Blossom - s02 - $ ? - Gift
It's like a white frost finish with glitters.

Now for the swatches.

one coat
On the pinky and index finger is "Bada Bling"
On the ring finger "Blossom"
On the middle finger "Cotton Candy"

two coat and the "Powerpuff" polish is enough also the "Cotton Candy".

Bada Bling needed 3 coats.


Found some old polishes around the house. I cleaned the bottles and had to ad polish remover cause they were dry and clumpy.


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