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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bettina - Sand Blast , Brown and Green -Nail Polish Review- -Swatches-

Today's show is...

3 Nail Polish Review

So these past couple of days I've been with some family members and I've been out and they got me a couple of things among them are these nail polishes.

Now I'll start with the review of my Bettina nail polishes.

I got these in two different places. I got the first 2 at Walmart and the green at Me Salve.

On to the review.

Bettina - Jeans- Sand Blast - gift - Walmart
Sand Blast is a creme light grey.

Bettina - Art Deco - Brown - gift - Walmart
Brown is a creme dark brown. That by the way is also a one coater. Yay!!

Bettina - Art Deco - Green - gift - Me Salve
Green is a medium green creme/jelly

Now I will show you the swatches.

One coat

Two coat

[My Opinion]

The Art Deco Brown could be finished in one coat. It depends on how you apply it. It's also good for Sweet nail designs. Like chocolate and etc. Sand Blast is perfect for newspaper nails. I tried it and it does look awesome. I like the 3 of them they are good for me.Cause they are pigmented like most of the Bettina nail polishes. The price is not bad.(I didn't buy it so it's much better.) I have more than 10 Bettina polishes and I like all of them so I recommend trying them.


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