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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Haul: Little Girl

Today's show is...

Went to out today.
At first I was mad cause my friends and me were going to the movies. But once again our plans were shit-ed.

So I was kinda mad-sad. So I told my mom to take me to the mall.

First to the mall.
Went into Sally's, didn't buy anything. :(
Then to Me Salve, didn't get anything. TAT

(I lost one already)

And at the end I told my mom to take me to a store called Exentrix.
Got these super cute "mo~os".

Then went to my town and got this polish for $1.50.
Cheap right!



  1. how are the L.A Color nail polish? I never I try them before but I've seen them everywhere and the price is really good.

  2. I don't really know cause I only have 4 but I think that L.A. Colors are good.They apply easily, the colors that I've seen are supper pretty and of course the price is not bad either.

    I really recommend them. I was even going to buy some today cause I had some money but my mom started to fight with me.

    She says that I shouldn't buy more cause I have to many.
    But I only have like 152.Is that a lot??


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