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Friday, September 13, 2013

Chocolate Truffles X Nail Up September 2013

Today's nail show is...

Chocolate Truffles X Nail  Up September 2013

Hello my little chocolate truffles. 

I'm going to do a little thing were if I see a good nail design somewhere on the internet or in magazines I will write in the title "Chocolate Truffles X ..." That way people know where I got the idea from.

I wanted to paint my nails again, but like always I didn't have any good ideas. I remembered that I had seen some good designs in the latest Nail Up magazine and thought I should check them again. My eyed focused on this really pretty ocean-y nail design and I wanted to recreate them. I didn't really like the whole design but I gave it a try. What I changed was the ring finger. Instead of some starfish I didn't a gold accent nail. Which I then realize it would be rather difficult to remove afterwords. I also kinda would have preferred to do the thumb nail as well with gold.

The page I got my inspiration from was page 23. If you are curious and want to see.
I actually took some captures of the nails.

I took lots of photos of my nails too.


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